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02 August 2009 @ 12:43 pm
Well, there's not much to say this time.
Sorry for the long list of fandoms (I didn't feel like focusing only on one or two things)
I wanted to try some new stuff on these but I failed so basically they're the same you usually get...
I hope you like them...but feel free to tell me if you don't ;)

celebs: alexis bledel (7), emily browning (3), emily blunt (2), emma watson (18),
emma watson/rupert grint/daniel radcliffe (3), jennifer aniston (5), jennifer garner (2), olivia wilde (5), sophia bush (7), zac efron (2), aimee teegarden (1), elisha cuthbert (1), emile hirsch (1), kate winslet (1), rachel mcadams (1)
movies: the girl next door (5), the hangover (3), he's just not that into you (7), i could never be your woman (4), across the universe (1), angus, thongs and perfect snogging (1), pride & prejudice (1)
television: alias (9), friends (10), gilmore girls (4)
music: britney spears (6), the veronicas (5)
fashion / models / stock: various (27)


nous n'avons rien à faire ensemble / mais seul je m'ennuie / reste encore cette nuit / nous n'avons rien à faire ensemble / mais seul je m'ennuie / reste encore une nuit, cette nuitCollapse )

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27 May 2009 @ 02:44 pm
Seems like weekend has arrived earlier than expected ;)
I just think that by saturday there would have been 200+ icons and I didn't want to post them all together, so here's what I made so far.
Most of them are cropping & coloring but once in a while i actually tried some new stuff...

tv: dawson's creek, doctor who, gossip girl, true blood, veronica mars
movies: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, mean girls, pride & prejudice, the girl next door, the virgin suicides
celebs: anna paquin, britney spears, elisha cuthbert, emile hirsch, emily blunt, emily browning, emma watson, gaspard ulliel, kate winslet, keira knightley, kirsten dunst, kristen bell, ryan kwanten, taylor momsen


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27 May 2009 @ 02:32 pm
I guess I'm going to post some new icons by the end of the week but until then, I already felt like making a tutorial.
It's a pretty basic coloring but I tried to add some information on why I did something (in case someone's interested).

from to

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24 May 2009 @ 04:37 pm
Hey everyone!

The long break is pretty much over; I'm back home and (until university starts) I'll try to work with my photoshop again...at least a bit ;)
In the meantime I've changed my username back to simsi. Though until I've changed all the "important posts" (resources etc.), and have become member of some icon communities again, I'll keep on posting my icons as healing_tears

Since I've come back, I've already made some icons, but feel free to


tv shows: Dawson's Creek, Doctor Who, Gossip Girl, True Blood, Veronica Mars
movies: 17 again, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Harry Potter, Mean Girls, Pride & Prejudice (05), The Virgin Suicide, The Jane Austen Book Club
celebs: Anna Paquin, Elisha Cuthbert, Emily Blunt, Emily Browning, Emma Watson, Gaspard Ulliel, Kate Winslet, Katie Holmes, Keira Knightley, Kirsten Dunst, Kristen Bell, Rachel McAdams, Zac Efron...
...and basically the rest of the cast of all the tv shows and movies I listed above.

thank you ♥

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17 November 2008 @ 10:42 pm
I needed a way to get away from my books so I've made some icons.
They're...well...kinda boring.
...but at least I didn't have to think about maths or economy for some hours ;)

01 - 14 : Alexis Bledel
15 - 15 : Amanda Seyfried
16 - 23 : Billie Piper
24 - 30 : My Husband Diego Luna
31 - 38 : Emma Watson
39 - 47 : Eva Green (+ The Dreamers)
48 - 51 : Hilarie Burton
52 - 55 : Sarah Wayne Callies
56 - 64 : Sophia Bush
65 - 67 : Some French Love (incl. "Chansons D'Amour, Gaspard Ulliel, Gaspard Ulliel & Clémence Poésy)


67 iconsCollapse )

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I'm tagging this entry tomorrow...
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17 November 2008 @ 06:59 pm
I decideed to re-organize and update my resoureces. There are gonna be two different posts with texture- and picture-resources seperately.
Here is the pictures post (but there is stil a ton to add)

PEOPLECollapse )

TV SERIESCollapse )

MOVIESCollapse )
02 November 2008 @ 10:08 am
I've done some thinking about sharing or not sharing my .psd-files...
So far I've never given them out but since I hardly make any icons anymore and (most of all) since making icons today is somehow different from what it used to be, I've decided to share some of them (older and new ones);


.psds for these icons...

...and 12 more...

...behind the cutCollapse )

All of them are password-protected .rar-files!
You have to comment with the numbers of the icons you want the psd of, and you'll be given the passwords!
(make sure your e-mail notification is on since the password will be screened)

Keep in mind, that your outcomes vary depending on the picture you use!
If anything doesn't work, pease tell me
& if you have any questions just ask.

watch // join clumsy_colors
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15 October 2008 @ 10:47 pm
Hey ya!
After a long time, I made some new icons. They're not special but it was fun making them :D

01 - 17 : Celebs (Audrey Tautou, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Emma Watson, Gale Harold, Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams, Sophia Bush)
18 - 23 : Movies (Mamma Mia!, The Notebook)
24 - 62 : TV Shows (Beverly Hills 90210, Friday Night Lights, Gossip Girl, Kinght Rider, One Tree Hill, Sesame Street, Veronica Mars)


62 iconsCollapse )
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04 August 2008 @ 06:53 pm
Just a small update to post my first batch for my "100 Julie icons"-challenge.

[01-10] Julie Taylor for tvcharacters100
[11-27] Friday Night Lights


27 iconsCollapse )
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21 July 2008 @ 11:11 am
I finally made some more interest icons...not a huge lot but it's better than nothing, I guess.
& I'm actually happy with about 90% of my icons this time :)
&& I really, really have to update my resources. I know!

[01-15] Interest Icons (Coldplay, Sophia Bush, Jared Padalecki, Prison Break, Tenth Doctor, Dan/Veronica)
[16-24] Alexis Bledel
[25-46] Doctor Who
[47-55] Gossip Girl Cast
[56-63] Kristen Bell
[64-69] One Tree Hill Cast
[70-81] Misc. (Sophia Bush/Kristen Bell, Evangeline Lilly, Keira Knightley, Diego Luna, Queer as Folk, Elisha Cuthbert)


81 iconsCollapse )
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